Sentinel Staffing Fee Structure

Permanent Placements

Our fee structure is between 15% and 20% of the Gross Annual Income package. The fee structure may be negotiable depending on agency exclusivity and the number of positions to be filled.

Guarantee Period

We offer a ninety (90) day guarantee period, which is validated on receipt of payment on or before the fourteenth day from date of invoice. This guarantee covers you in the event of the employee leaving your employ for any reason other than death, retrenchment or unfair labour practice. Should such an event take place we will replace the employee free of charge to the value of the original placement.

Temporary and Contract Placements

The fee structure for temporary and contract staff is negotiated with the client, depending on the duration of the contract and the level of expertise needed.

In accordance with our ethics we guarantee the following:
No poaching of staff from existing clients
No poaching of candidates that we have placed.